Ouch. It hurts to cough… In my 32 years, I don’t think my throat has ever hurt this bad. I felt too crappy yesterday to leave the house after coming home early from work, so today I’m trying to get a DRs appointment, and work from home.

Now granted, in the office everything is done over the phone – there’s only myself and Katie in our office. So I’ve got my email open and my cell phone ready.. But people, it flippin hurts to talk. It will be a fun day.

I’m on project overload.. I was working on a cotton baby binky (smaller than a normal blanket – more like the size of a receiving blanket) and the cotton is to much for my aching body. I thought about taking some pictures of it, and perhaps later on in the day I’ll decided to make that happen… Sure, whatever you say Megan…

I’ve got a lace shawl I can work on instead, which requires little thought as its just knit and purl rows… The blanket is a log cabin, and because its so small, I’m always having to change direction or change color our count ridges. . . . Yeah, it’s simple, but it takes effort, and for some reason I have no desire to exert myself today.

I’m done sniveling for now and I’m going to go and call my mom.


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