Sunday Rambles.

This is me and my baby Madeline (if you are willing to consider 8 years old to be a baby). She’s been gone at her Grammy’s ALL WEEK. Normally, I would have spent this time going out and about and doing whatever I wanted, but I’ve been soooo sick I’ve stayed at home all week.
Trust me when I tell you that NO Crown Royale, Muscato D’Asti, Peache Lambic, or Newcastle has passed these lips since 3/22.
I know, big deal, yadda yadda… And, pleople, it’s not that I drink all the time, or that all the time I drink alot, but it’s unusual for me to make it through an entire weekend without having a single sip – particularly because this has been a LONG, CRAPPY week! Work (when I made it there) made me want to poke my eyes out! ARGH!!
Tomorrow is Monday (just so you can remember!) and on Tuesday I am off to St. Louis to visit the Spectrum Corporate Offices. Big yay. At least I get to meet some people I have only spoken to on the phone for a year. Kind of like meeting a pen pal. One girl has already told me she’s dancing on the table Tuesday… Have fun Michaela, ’cause you gonna be dancing by yourself!
In knitting news, I have made progress on Linda’s Shawl. I’ve gotten to the decreases! I’ll take pictures when I block it. I am making the Belini Shawl from Morehouse Farms.
I know – don’t I have a Fiddle Head Scarf to finish? Why, of course I do, but it’s her Birthday! I can’t procrastinate on a gift!
To all of you beautiful people who read this blog – I applaud you. (Yes, currently I believe that I am the only one)
Love, Peace and Hair Grease!

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