From time to time, I become slightly obsessed with things. Currently I am overly obsessed with the following:

1. Knitting
2. Blog Reading
3. Podcasts/Audio Books

As always, I have my regulars (wine, cigarettes, coffee, etc)

I want to say thanks a billion to the Cursing Mama for encouraging me with adding an additional blog to the list! TECHknitting was just down right fabulous. I stopped listening to “Me Talk Funny Sometimes” by David Sedaris so that I could become thoroughly engrossed in reading about making a hat. You never know when those skills are going to come in handy, you know.

Knitting blogs have opened up an entirely new world! Never before would I have thought to search the internet to see if anyone had used a certain pattern before and what type of yarn they used! And to top it off, I got onto Ravelry! Oh my sweet friends, angels were singing the day I used that to find a pattern for a Crest of the Wave Scarf. I still decided to adapt it a bit; however, it was just downright inspiring to see all of the other scarves. I felt better about my yarn choice, the size needles I had decided to use – I just had a downright severe case of the warm fuzzies.

I have, for the most part, taught myself to knit, and have no one close by to help me when things go horribly wrong (which they do). The blogs that I read, and the new blogs that I have been exposed to through them have solved many problems, dried up many tears and have exposed me to a whole knew world I never knew existed!

I’m like a kid in a freakin’ candy store! It’s my daily escape from things that drive me crazy…

Like my job, for instance, which I shall ramble on about at a different time.


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