So I was thinking yesterday…

If I don’t knit a sweater, does that make me less of a knitter? I just don’t have a big urge to knit one. I suppose that part of the problem is finishitis. I just have a sneaking suspicion that what has happened with the Bellini Shawl would happen with a sweater.

My mom states that it absolutely does not make me less of a knitter. I’m an accessory fanatic – why not continue my fanatacism into my hobby? I figure that there will come a time when I just know I am ready for a sweater knit by myself. And I don’t think I’m going to feel like less of a knitter until then. I’ve done some very complicated lace work that is absolutely beautiful, and I am quite proud of my accomplishments. I’m not going to let a sweater take that away from me!


Moving on, I frogged my Crest of the Wave scarf. Yup, I did it. I saw a scarf on a well known blog today and it was a much better match for my yarn. and I think I will like the pattern on the whole much better. I’m still going to do a Crest of the Wave scarft, but I’m going to use a yarn that is much better suited to the pattern itself.

Until I get it started, go over and peruse Mason Dixon Kitting. Then think about my yarn, and you’ll see why the Crest of the Wave had to go! (Those ladies are my heroes by the way.)

I love yarn and the fact that you can completely rip out what you did and start over if you need too and in the end, no one would know the difference.

Remember – Forgiveness is key =)


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