Happy Thursday!

I have been on Plurk waaaay to much this week. I see dancing bananas in my sleep.

BUT – I do love my little group of friendly Plurkers. They can be a source of inspiration, knowledge and laughs. I could go on about this, but I’ll stop… You should just go and see it for yourself!

At any rate, Ms. Madelini has been gone all week to her dad’s. (Hence the maniacal Plurking) I do miss her when she is gone, so in honor of her, I’m going to put up my favorite picture!
Well, one of my favorites, anyway! Whew, my hair was super short, and super blond as well. Although she is a pistol, she can be such a patient child. When I’m having a bad day – that’s all I have to tell her and she proceeds on with little to no complaint!
I’ve suffered through depression off and on, and it breaks my heart for her every time. I’m not the fun mommy – I’m the mommy who sits at home when I get like that, and I’m not exactly happy, either. She always manages to break through the grey for me and helps me see all of the wonderful things that surround me.
I think it’s a gift that children are given. They have this magical way of showing you things you’ve never seen before – a pig made of clouds, a monster in a rock, or just the simple happiness there is to be had in the world.

I love my M.R.E.S.

PS – I’m posting a picture of purple lupins – my mother and Madelini are obsessed with them!

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