Monday Stupidity

Fingering Weight Bison/Bamboo Blend: $84
Cost to make a shawl with it: $600+ (depending on shawl)
Realizing that some times yarn can be stupid: PRICELESS

We can all thank DreamWeaver Yarns for this bit of stupidity – it’s their fault, they sent the email telling me to look. (By the way it’s only 25% Bison – thanks LBinVA for pointing out even more stupidity!)

Now really, I’m a sucker for good things, such as expensive yarn. I’ll admit it, the more soft, squishy, yummy goodness the yarn contains, the better, as far as I am concerned, but this blows my mind. I will admit that the yarn is definitely beautiful. I will also admit that I remotely wish I had the kind of budget that would allow me to purchase such yarn. But for now, it’s just the Stupidity for the week. Never did I think I would consider yarn stupidity. What a sad day.

And it’s only Monday. Oy.


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