What Inspires You?

This last week, I have really tried to pay attention to what inspires me to take on a project. Let’s face it – some times there are projects that are just downright beautiful and we feel compelled to make them! But there are often times when it’s quiet, we dream of our own projects, or how to change a pre-existing project into something that is distinctly our own.

For me, it’s color and people. I can see a color and it just screams “YOU NEED ME!” Many times when this happens, I have no true plan, but I know I need it. ShibuiKnits Orchid did that for me. I love the way that the pinks quietly change colors, and the bright shot of chartreuse that comes at the end. It excites my senses and plants the “what could I do with this” seed. I love variegated yarns – the way the colors flow together, the variations of the colors, and the unknown factor. I get excited watching the colors knit up! I have often wondered how hand painted yarn is thought through – any one can paint yarn, but true artists paint yarn that looks beautiful when it’s used. Last week I got some super colorful yarns!

Lorna’s Laces in Black Watch and the beautiful yarn Bellamoden dyed up for the Loopy Groupies that are reading The Historian. Not sure what the Lorna’s Laces is going to be yet – definitely a pair of socks, just unsure which ones. The Historian yarn is going to become a pair of Mitred Mittens for moi. Yay!

People often ask for me to make them something. Gladly is always my reply. What kind of yarn should I get? None – I’ll find one that fits. I love looking at things and matching them up with people. Even Mini-Me will see some thing and tell me who needs it! I think that yarn itself has personality. You get a different vibe when you look at a tweed as opposed to a fingering weight merino. One makes you think of warm winter sweaters – the other a baby sweater or a beautiful shawl. A friend of mine’s husband wants a scarf. He’s a character – always making me laugh, and loves playing with Mini-Me. I think I’m going to look for a chocolaty hand spun make a real earthy, cozy, manly looking one for him. All I need to do now is find a pattern. I’m thinking that some sort of rib would be cool, however, I think that the linen stitch would be down right scrumptious in some squishy yarn (but if I do that, I’ll have to stray from hand spun – crap)

Last but not least, I get inspired by others! Some times it’s the challenge of learning something new. Wendy inspired me to knit socks. Opal inspired me with her cable hats to knit a hat for Mini-Me and to use a pattern with cables. Mini-Me is inspiring me to become Jackie O.

At any rate, my point is, take a minute this weekend and figure out where your mojo comes from! The more we pay attention to what makes all the wheels in our brain start to spin, the more focused we can be on our goal – making things that we love and get excited about!

So tell me, fair knitters, what inspires you?? Inquiring minds want to know!


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