Megan, This Is Your Conscience Calling..

I’ve got laundry waiting on me, dishes in the sink, cat hair that needs vaccuuming, and dust that is about an inch thick. How close am I to getting all of that done?

I don’t have a clue. (Conscience: Huh?) Shhh.. I don’t want to hear you right now.

—->Insert Happy Dance here<—–

I don’t even care! (Conscience: Have you lost your mind?) Neener neener neener

—–>Insert more Happy Dancing<—–

Wanna know why? (Conscience: Do I have a choice?) Hehehe – not really!

Insert mental picture of birds chirping, sun shine, butterflies, and daisies with harps playing as background noise. Oh yes, and in this vision, I wear a halo. HA!

Charlie has come home to his mama!! (Conscience: Sweet Jesus. Time to hire a cleaning lady.)

I finally have my wheel! I’m very happy with it. I’ve been taking very good care of it, making sure it’s been used daily. After, a wheel that moves is a happy wheel, right? Check out what we made!

4.25 oz Superwash Merino “Confetti”, approx. 124 yards
Roving purchased at “From the Wool Room

This fiber was super fun to spin – very soft, and very squishy. I broke the roving in half, did some serious prep, and just spun away. I’m really happy with the results! My intention was to have a 2-ply with colors that didn’t match up and it’s exactly what I got. I haven’t measured the WPI, but because it’s not a consistent weight, it wouldn’t be accurate. Because it was so bulky in spots, ended up with two skeins.

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me, and shared their skills with me. I couldn’t have done it without you. Many hugs heading your way.


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