Purple Lupines

When Mini-Me goes to NH during the summer, she and my mother are always on the look out for purple lupines. They grow in my mother’s yard (or they used to, anyway) and all along the highways.

I can hear my mother saying “Look, Maddie! There’s our purple lupines!”

She sends newspaper articles about lupines, pictures from her cell phone of lupines, and I think we even have a card with lupines on it.

I guess that’s why when I saw this roving at The Loopy Ewe, I fell in love. Not only did it prey on my purple obsession, but the name made me smile. When I saw it at SAFF – I knew it had to be mine.

4 oz. 100% Targhee Top – Mountain Colors – Lupine
227 yards, approx 11 WPI

For whatever reason, my camera did not like the colors – The top picture is too light, the bottom is too dark. It was really fun to spin, and although it’s rather bulky in spots, I’m pretty happy with it, as it is much more consistent than my last yarn.

A special thank you goes out to Lori! Because this yarn was coming out so nicely, I hated to have two separate skeins. Lori kindly walked me through how to ply the two ends together to create one long skein.

From this picture (craptastic, yes, but the colors – very accurate), you can see how full my bobbins were – eek! I ended up winding one into a center pull ball, and then plying the outside end with the yarn already on the bobbin. I spun a bit extra onto the bobbin, and then, using the end in the center of the ball, started winding it onto my niddy noddy. Although the join may not be perfect, I’m really pleased with the results!

So what else is new, kids?


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