Whose Idea Was This, Anyway?

How many yards can one person spin in one month?

I think it’s time that I admit that I had NO CLUE that the Tour de Fleece is as long as it is. Granted, I did read the dates, guidelines, etc, but I really had no idea what an utterly wonderful time suck this would become! I’ve been averaging at least one hour per day.

Saturday, it was bad.

I watched the entire Season 2 of the Tudors in under 24 hours. While spinning. And perhaps a bit of knitting. Do you see?

Los Monos Locos/The Crazy Monkeys, from the toe up
Knit on US 0s, using Ms. Babs Yummy Sock in Holly

Two finished cuffs.

You all know what this means. I’ve finished a pair of socks.

And hey, look at this!

A swatch! Done with my own handspun. Will wonders never cease.

Spinning updates to come tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!


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