One for Me and One for You!

I’ve been finishing stuff lately!

Two in one weekend. I think it’s a new record! (Yes, I’m nervous about it too.)

First, for me, I knit up Damson by Ysolda. I did end up having to switch skeins for the bind off, and I thank the great and wonderful Zonda for the extra yarn! Ysolda writes great patterns, and they are easily attainable by a new knitter, yet interesting enough to keep a more experienced knitter reasonably entertained.

CB even has a finished work this weekend! He had requested a combo of red and black, so when I saw the Botanic Hat, by Stephen West, I scouted out some yarn. In this case, it ended up being Malabrigo in black and Ravely Red. I think I’m a fan of the red, by the way.

I love that it’s reversible. Some of you know that I hate ribbing, and the whole hat is 3×1 rib. But in this case, I’m glad I quit grumbling and just did it.

Well, I think that’s all I’ve got for you now folks.

Oh! Wait!

I cast on for another shawl. More to follow on that one!


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