Love Is In The Air!

See this batt? I love this batt. (I know, it’s really hard not to see it, eh?)

I picked it up from Uniquely Yours. I’ve been eyeing it for some time now, and finally gave in. I’ve already started working on it, but I can’t share. It’s either going to be a complete success or a total failure, so I’ll keep you posted. I figure if it’s an absolute flop, I can always use it as an add in or something to ply with.


(Did I just have an art yarn thought there? )

In recent days, I have decided that there are a few other things that I absolutely love.

1. Crochet thread. Size 10. Seriously good stuff here. Shall I count the ways I can abuse you, oh fair crochet thread?

  • Corespinning
  • Plying
  • Life lines
  • In-A-Pinch stitch markers
  • Waste yarn

I’ve decided that a little ball of it shall remain in my knitting bag. While knitting on the shawl (which is so large a row takes forevah), I would catch myself forgetting a yarn over (YO). I would check out the rest of the row and notice the same missing yarn over. I’m at the point where tinking back is only going to happen when a major disaster strikes, so I just snipped off a bit of thread and tied it where the YO should have been. On my return purl row, I created a YO, knit it and kept on moving.

I know, I know, there’s no rocket science involved there, but it’s made me love crochet thread, and considering I have little love for crochet (because I can’t, mind you) – this is a big thing.

2. ZOMG. Hand Knit gift tags. Go check these out – if you are gifting knitting for the Holidays, these are too perfect. My favorite is the pirate. Argh Mateys!!

3. Fall weather. It brings good hair days.

4. The fact that the new Outlander book is winging its way to me. And let me just throw some love at Amazon. Locally, the book would have run me well over $20. Amazon? $16 and some change. (Oh, and free shipping, but only because I had to pick up Knitted Lace of Estonia. I think I should have gotten A Gathering of Lace, but oh well.)

Ok children. That’s enough love for now. It’s making me feel all happy inside, and too much of that will stain my cranky pants.


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