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For whatever reason, I’ve had a case of the lazybloggeritis.

Which is sad, ’cause I have had shit to share and things to say. Luckily, I have been posting the goods on Ravelry so I don’t have to bore you with my FOs here.

As for the rest of my life, I can sum things up for you rather quickly.

1. I finished some things and started new things.

2. The anniversary of my entrance into this world was very mellow. Thank you friends. I needed mellow.

3. I’ve got the new computer blues. I miss Windows XP. And my keyboard. (And the money I had to spend just to miss the old one.)

I think I just end up in a zone where I prefer to hibernate. I’m thinking it may be the season change, but who knows.

The darkness at 6pm is definitely unfortunate, as is the cooler weather.

Yep, I am a heathen. As a knitter, I should be excited about the prospect of wearing wool! All of those hours spent toiling away at projects, looking forward to cooler weather so that I could sport the articles with pride.

I would rather be in sandals and a tank top with electric bills twice as high as last months.

Go figure.

Mini-Me has just informed me that she would like to shave her head and wear bandannas instead.

God help us.


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