One would think that with all of this time I have on my hands that I would be blogging like a mo’fo.

Yeah, well, fuggedaboudit. This whole jobless thing has really caused my brain to go a bit haywire. Normally, I suffer from a bit (cough cough) of the blues during the winter season, but this year has been rather nasty. Sunday I just put myself back to bed and just tried to keep my mouth shut.

Tuesday I had an interview, which went really well. I liked the company’s vision and their plan for growth. I even got to use big people words like “cost trends” and “market analysis.”


Either way, the company has people take this wacky hour long test. Personality, leadership styles, manageability (har har), verbal reasoning and mathematical reasoning. When was the last time any of you thought about the following:

frog:dinosaur :: whale :
a. dog
b. fish
c. bird
d. snake


-11(0.825 + 30)(576%/26%))

better still

1 1/3 x 4/5

The recruiter informs me that this test is not a make or break for employment, but I did have to laugh when I was asked to answer yes or no to the following:

I have NEVER blown up at anyone. (Or did they use “gone off”?)


Oh, and I have been busy with fluff too.

Here is a coronet hat for one of my favorite little ladies, Ms. EJ, Mini-Me’s BFF. I used Aysen from Aracuania for it and I have a lot of love for how it does with cables. It looks similar to malabrigo in the skein, but it’s a bit denser than malabrigo making it a true aran weight yarn.

And here is about 2 oz of “Barrow Owl” from Enchanted Knoll’s Happy Hooves Batt Club. I spun this up as a fingering weight single and navajo plied it into what you see today.

I am almost finished with the remaining 4 ounces and will ply them after the holiday. I am truly tickled with how it’s turned out. Particularly the sparkles.

I sure do hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Know that I will be thinking of you and wishing you much joy, good health and contentment.

After all, if you can learn to be content, everything else is cake.


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