So What… I’ve been busy!

And I’m still so off schedule! Gah! I feel like I need to schedule myself in some fashion. For example:

Here is how I currently spend my day:

Step 1 – Wake up. Consume Coffee.
Step 2 – Take Mini-Me to school, return home and consume more coffee.
Step 3 – Waste the whole damned day being relatively unproductive, and not focusing on one task for more than 20 minutes.
Step 4 – Make sure I’m home by 3 for Mini-Me. (That’s if I get the gumption to leave the house.)
Step 5 – Waste more time until it’s time for sleep.

So you see the problem right? I feel lazy, unproductive and rather bleh. Some thing’s got to give.

I did manage to finish a shawl for my good girl Tobs. Pictures to follow. Due to a recent restructuring of furniture, my blocking area is completely not suitable for picture taking.

In the mean time, check out the fluffy white stuff I encountered on a recent trip to NH to see Sunflower Girl get married.

Doesn’t she look lovely?

I love the way this tree looks in the snow. I’m still unsure if one should call it a hydrangea bush or a tree – the thing is taller than me. While the jury is still deliberating, I figure we should call it a tree.

And no, ‘lil Chewie stayed home and out of the snow.

I promise there will be pictures of yarn next post.



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