New Shoes

Ok, well, maybe I didn’t get new shoes, but you know what I mean.

Upon much discussion with Opal, I have determined that part of my lack o’ blogging was due to the format over on blogger. It was such a pain. I am hoping that this is a much nicer format – rumor has it that it indeed is. I’ve got blog posts rolling around in my head. There is simply no excuse to get them out of the nugget and onto the screen.

So when we last left off, I was knitting away on my Creature Comforts Cardi. I’m still knitting on it. Don’t laugh, but I have only the ribbing on the sleeves remaining. And it’s been that way for well over a month. I swear to you that it’s become the Purple Blob of Death and is threatening to take over my life.

One morning I woke up and it was trying to post on Facebook. Sure, it meant well. I mean, who wouldn’t pay attention to a post saying “Knit me, you lazy schmuck?”

One night, I went to spin, and lookee what I found. That damn cardigan trying to act like I should knit on it. Maybe it thought it could spin.

Mini-Me had her BFF Elaina over for dinner. I decided it was the perfect night for grilled ham and cheese. You can see how that went.

Are you kidding me??

So I grounded it and put it in the closet. Late at night when it’s quiet I can hear it calling my name. It may have even muttered “bitch” once or twice.

Why is this so hard? I mean, let’s face it! I’m on the home stretch! There’s merely a few hours (HOURS) of knitting to do on this thing, and I can’t even bring myself to finish it.

Thank god for the Tour de Fleece. Spinning is a good alternative, right? Does it absolve me from the procrastination problem?


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