Multiples. Oh my!

Multiple skeins, crackheads!

Yeah, I know there are a few of you who went there mentally, so let’s just acknowledge that and move on.

The purple grey and pink is BFL, courtesy of Zarzuela on Etsy, and it comes in at a grand total of 475 yards worth of sport/dk weight.

The brown is around 300 yards of dk/worsted weight, merino silk from Ashland Bay fibers (I believe the color is daffodil).

Before I forget to say it, I had a bit of grey left over from the BFL marathon.  So I figured out how to do an Andean plying bracelet to finish off the rest of it.  It was pretty simple, but look at what it did to the yarn!  It grew!  It’s a completely different weight than the rest of the yarn!

I think it the difference in weight may have come from the fact that I had to wind it off of the bobbin prior to plying, which I think lets out some of the twist.  I am interested to see if any one else has encountered this little mystery.  The bracelet thing wasn’t so bad, but I don’t know that I’ll use it that much.  Infact, the only reason it worked here was because the yarn was all the same color.  (Yeah, yeah, I could do it with a multi color single, but you know how anal retentive I get when dealing with colors doing certain things, like striping.)

While the above yarn has been drying (hello, humidity:  You suck), I’ve been working on Eric.  Mmmmm….  Deliciously soft Polwarth from Southern Cross Fibre.  Courtesy of our Zonda.  Me likey.

I did work on Eric during last night’s Episode of True Blood.  After all, what is more appropriate than spinning Eric while drooling after him.  I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again – Bill Compton’s got nothin’ on Eric Northman.  MMmm mmm good!  What’s not good is that I’m having to spin this on my smallest whorl.  It isn’t necessarily bad, but when you are spinning on a while that wasn’t made to spin thin, it takes a whole lot of effort, and I don’t have the patience/energy for that.

Dear God,

Please let me get a job so that I can get me a new spinnin’ wheel.  I’ve already picked it out and really really really really really want it. 



PS – And yes, I want to keep a roof over my head and food on my table, but some times it’s nice to just want something shiney.


5 responses to “Multiples. Oh my!

  • opal

    gorgeous handspun. lovin’ all over on the eric.

    hopin’, prayin’ that you get a new job soon.


  • Cookie

    Lovely spinning!

    Fingers crossed!


  • Zonda

    Yarnz I see yarnz! The BFL fest is over for you huh! Cute wee skein too! Oh..gulp..Eric…he’s looking so good! I’ve got 1 oz done so far and it’s ok..well I think, I’ll know more when it’s plied.

  • Rae

    I got my fingers crossed that you find a job soon so you can get that wheel you are wanting. The yarn looks great

  • Daniele

    Oh My! Love the pretties, especially the purpley one. I’ve never tried the Andean plying yet, so you are way ahead of me on that!!! As for spinning thin, what kind of wheel do you have sweet pea?? I hope you gets a gooooood job so you can get a new spinney wheel soon!! 😀 XOXO

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