There’s More To Life Than Spinning!

All of this spinning called for a celebration.

(Well, that and my shoulder needed a break!)

Pattern surfing is one of my favorite things to do on Ravelry, and I usually see what’s new at least once a day.  And while this means my queue grows as I get side tracked by new and shiny patterns, every once and a while I come across something that I have to knit right then and there.

Seriously!  I saw Pink Lemonade, knew I had the perfect yarn, and just started knitting.  Well..  Maybe not.  I had to wind yarn first.  By hand.  Eeps!

A few months ago, the great Zondarino happened to snag some Madelinetosh merino light during an Etsy update and offered it to me.  It’s deliciously soft and so light!  It’s definitely heavier than a laceweight (think single ply Malabrigo), and a bit lighter than sock weight.  I certainly wouldn’t use this for socks though – it’s a very delicate yarn, and I am going to assume it felts like a mo-fo.  It’s not splitty in the classic sense of a plied yarn, but I do find that with my sharp needles, it is easy to split.  I did part of the cast on using bamboo needles, and they provided just enough friction to keep the stitches on the needles.  Zonda had warned me that I may want to wind this stuff (all 440 yards of it) by hand.  As soon as I un-did the skein, I could see why.  The ties were done pretty loosely, and many of the strands were going the wrong way back over the ties.

I will admit that the hand winding was worth it.  I love this yarn!

Self serving close up, anyone?

If you are afraid of skinny yarn, this would be a good pick to work with, as it’s skinny, but it’s also not dental floss.  I’m using the Denim colorway, on US 6 needles.

That’s all for now, kids.  I need to go and spin.  Or knit.  Or both!


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