Anticipation and Such

So today, I have not knit one single solitary stitch on my Pink Lemonade shawl.  I’m only four rows away from finishing, but due to some fabulous visitors that came in to town today, and an aching shoulder, I don’t think it’s such a bad thing.  I had some fun, I laughed a lot and I got to wind some yarn for my next projects!

These weren’t born of “Ohh Shiney” moment, oddly enough, I am actually going to knit a planned project!  (It’s ok, laugh now.)

There are two shawls that I have been wanting to knit for a while.  First up is the Daybreak Shawl by Stephen West.  I really like his designs – simple, straightforward and enjoyable.  What more could one want?  This will be the third pattern I have knit from this designer and I am excited.  I plan on knitting the large size of this shawl, having more than enough yarn, and the desire for something pretty big, as I intend for this shawl to double as a cover up for a new mommie, and a light blanket for baby if the need arises.  The colors are so wonderful, I couldn’t help but take a picture and share.

Both yarns are from Three Irish Girls, in their Cary’s BFL base.  And while I might like to tell you which yarn is which color, I cannot.  I’m a complete dork and took the labels off before I committed their names to memory.  So just know that the colors are Jazz Age and Flapper.  The pink is really neat, and has shades of cream and hints of grey.  The gray is, well, gray.   This yarn is really nice.  It’s very soft, it’s wicked skinny and it’s a generous skein – 495 yards.  However, you wouldn’t catch me knitting socks from this stuff unless they were socks for a lilliputian.  (It’s that skinny)  This yarn is perfect for small shawls, which, in essence, means it’s perfect for me!

Opal and I have been tossing the idea of knitting Haruni around for a while now.  As with most projects, she and I fell in love with the pattern separately, and months after the fact one of us said “Oh you know what?  I really like Haruni.”  And the other one said “No kidding! I’ve had that in my queue for a while!”  For the last few days, we’ve been tossing around our yarn ideas, and I think I’ve finally settled on mine.  I did a little digging in my Wollmeise stash and dug up this pretty.

Did ya’ll know I don’t have a purple shawl?  Moi???  No purple shawl???  I’m freakin’ serious!  I’m not sure what this colorway is.  It’s a “We’re Different” skein, but I can see through the sticker and read the really long German word for guinea pig.  So, this is just simply a test skein.  And what a lovely test skein it is.  I knew for sure I didn’t want a whole lot of color going on with this shawl, but I did want some.  After looking at all of the finished shawls, I really enjoy what happens to the flower petals with some tonal variation. 

So why two shawls?  Well, the daybreak is stockinette.  Which will be great for about the first half of the shawl.  The longer the rows get, the more poke-your-eyes-out bored I’m going to get.  So I figure Haruni will be a nice break from the boring.  Yes, I could finish off the socks that are languishing in the corner as a break, but that would be entirely too practical, and that just won’t work.  Oh!  Don’t let me forget to mention that this shawl is going to become a KAL.  Opal and I have alreade roped Daniele into knitting with us.  The more the merrier, so if you wanna KAL, lemme know!  (Well, let someone know. anyway, so you aren’t all alone.  After all, what good is a KAL if you are KAL-ing with yourself?)

Ok.  I’m done with my show and tell for now.  I’m starting to feel guilty about not knitting on Pink Lemonade.  Which by the way, has to get finished before either of these two shawls get started.  (Damn, I’m such a party pooper!)


6 responses to “Anticipation and Such

  • opal

    i’m so excited about the haruni! but damn, i got two other shawls OTN!

  • Daniele

    Loving the colors you picked! I am not going to go check out the Daybreak pattern now…. really….. lol

  • Sairy

    Hello 🙂

    I am so game for a Haruni KAL. I just wound up the yarn for my second!

  • Zonda

    Hehe..just like I don’t have a red shawl…well yet. No thank you, I iz not joining yer KAL, I’ll observe from the sidelines. I swear the next time you come over, I iz sending you home with a WIP or 2 of mine 😉

  • christine

    Hey my dear. A little late reading your blog. The word you are talking about is Meeerschweinchen (or leave off the chen for just 1 guinea pig) hhahahaah You teach me lace I’ll teach ya German

  • Yarndude

    Ok, I know I’m going to sound like a total knit nerd saying this, but I love the way the yarn cake in the background of the first picture looks!

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