Go Hug Yourself!

I’ve developed the habit of blogging late in the evening.  Not because I can’t find the time during the day, it’s just become a cathartic way to end my day.  It also means I get to get all space-cadety during the day thinking about what on earth I want to say.  Some times, I get rather deep in the weeds.  For instance, yesterday, I started writing a post with metaphorical references to Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and how it somehow correlated with my current mental status!

Are you kidding me?  People don’t take a couple of minutes out of their day to read about crap like that!  Hell, I didn’t even want to read it after the second paragraph.  I think I need a life.  I’ve been on the look out for one lately, and there’s absolutely nothing promising on the horizon.  To be brutally honest, I keep screwing up the life I do have, so things are really looking up around here.

I lieu of being able to find a life, or make the one I currently have any better, I just keep on knitting.

I finished up the Pink Lemonade Shawl Friday evening, and blocked it over night.  I’m pretty happy with the results!  I’m going to call it “Go Hug Yourself” because it is so soft, with a nice weight to it – wearing it is like wearing a hug.  (Gosh, could I get any more inventive here?)

I will say two things – this shawl was fun to knit.  The first lace pattern goes really fast, and the bottom patter is nice because no two rows are the same.  The last 16 rows or so just about killed me, but that’s because they got long and repetitive.  The designer included beads on her shawl, but I decided to skip that one, as there was a crap ton of bead.  I also decided against holding the yarn doubled to cast off.  I did for about 4 stitches, and it looked so wrong, I went with one strand of yarn.

Up next, the Daybreak shawl.  Which I have started already.

Again – no life here.

Happy Saturday!  I hope your Sunday is a success.


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