Blogging Is Fun. So is Words With Friends.

So I’m on a roll here.  Last week I got my NC Driver’s License.  Monday I got a state inspection for my car.  This afternoon I registered said car and titled it in my name.  The same car even got a damn oil change.  And I also learned that there’s something called a Cabin Air Filter that I need to change.  Will wonders never cease?

I’ve been a bit of a Negative Nellie lately.  I’ve decided that it is of the utmost importance that I get the heck over myself and just move on.  You know, conquering fears, ending the procrastination, and putting on a smile, yadda, yadda, yadda.  It’s hard to blog when life gets you down, isn’t it?  Here’s what happens in my brain:

Me:  I really ought to blog

Brain:  About what?  You’ve nothing nice or relevant to say.

Me:  I have to take some pictures.

Brain:  But that would mean getting off of your duff and taking pictures, loading them onto the computer, then loading them to flickr and editing them.

Me:  Ugh.  Editing.  I’m so anal about the editing.

Brain:  Yes, you are.

Me:  But I need to blog.

I am glad that ya’ll have been enjoying what my brain has been churning out lately.  I absolutely love making people laugh, even if they are laughing at me.  ;-P

While ya’ll have been laughing, I’ve been knitting away on the Daybreak shawl.  Remember when I said that the yarn was skinny?  Well, it’s so skinny that starting the scarf on 4s made me worry. It honestly looked like dookie.  So I knit it on 3s.  And then I got worried again.  Like size worry.  Like holy-crap-this-is-gonna-be-too-small-and-I’m-knitting-the-large worry.  So I ripped it out (I had gotten to the second pink stripe) and started over again on the 4s.  After stretching it out, I realized that all of the wonky looking stitches were going to block out and do the right thing and behave like good stitches should.  So I’ve made it to the 4th gray strip, and I must say, I am liking it.

In addition to enjoying the mindless task known as stockinette, I’ve been playing Words with Friends on the iTouch.  It’s addictive.  It’s pretty much the same thing as Scrabble.  It’s free to download.  And you can play for days against your friends.  There’s even a little ‘chat’ area that let’s you talk smack!  You can even get crazy and link the thing to Facebook.

So, if you have an iTouch, Facebook, or an iPhone, let’s go!  I’m ready to rumble!  Bring it on, people!

If there’s an App for Yahtzee, it’s all over.  No more knitting, no more eating, no more sleeping.


3 responses to “Blogging Is Fun. So is Words With Friends.

  • Daniele

    Oh! The pink is so pretty and fluffly looking.

    As for taking pictures – I am horrible. I never have time, so I just take pictures at the worst times when the light is crap and . . . . . they usually suck. Oh well… 😀 I really should have taken a nice Swallowtail shot. Maybe . . . . . yeah – that’s happening.

  • Cookie

    I hear ya, sister. I’m in a neighboring boat, looking for my oars.

    Don’t you have the needle size doubts? /sigh


  • opal

    that’s what i love about you. your insight and your ability to overcome. gaman-zuyoi!

    the daybreak looks so cuddly soft!

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