Vacation=Blogcation=Etsy Shop!

Yep, it all happened in that order.  I was going to blog about my vacation, but it’s severely lacking in excitement compared to opening up my Etsy Shop!  Holy crapola batman!  I finally did it!  Please let me know what you think ya’ll.  Seriously.  Because I love you, if you decide to purchase a skein, please let me know in your purchase that you saw me mention the shop on my blog and I’ll give you 10% off.

Special thank you to our Opal for designing my banner.  She did such a good job, and I love her for it.  I seriously hope you guys like my creations.  If you have any special requests, let me know!

I also finished my Haruni!  Yay!  This was an awesome knit, and I will definitely make one again!  I will say that it was a definite nail biter at the end though..  Apparently you are supposed to use up nearly half of your yarn on the final chart.  Which is very true.  And I had 9 grams remaining.  I was scared.  I had combed through the stash to find an acceptable yarn to bind off with, or, worst case scenario, re-knit Chart B with.  Thank god, I did not have to use any additional yarn.

I will say though, that this would be a great shawl to use two colors on, as the lace patterns are so dramatically different.  Daniele is using two colors, and I can’t wait to see her end result!

Check out my army of pins!  It’s a shame they can’t march -or- stand up straight.  Very little discipline around here, as you can see.

Yeah, I had to dip into the sewing pins in order to block this beautiful lady out.

Oh and I spun some over the weekend, too.

(I don’t know what’s going on!  I’m loosing my mind, sure enough..)

These pretties are part of an Enchanted Knoll Happy Hooves Club shipment – 3 oz of falkland roving, 3 oz of a matchy-matchy batt.  Here’s the roving!

They look so similar when they are all arranged in their little puffs, don’t they?  I love spinning like this every once in a while.  I just turn the music up and let the fiber do what it wants!  Normally I am ridiculously methodical in my planning and execution, which is good, but some times we just need to let go and let things take their course.  I can’t even begin to tell you how free I felt after I did this.  I’m completely surprised you guys didn’t see me running naked through the streets of Fayetteville.


God, I even scare myself.

Happy Monday people!  Don’t forget to buy some yarn!


5 responses to “Vacation=Blogcation=Etsy Shop!

  • opal

    squish could have rocked the bannner, ya know?

    your haruni is MAGNIFICENT! it’s glorious! truly!

    what lovely spinning! so softy and squooshy.

    that etsy shop of yours is going to render me bankrupt. /sigh

  • Zonda

    *averting my eyes* hehehe, you spinning with no “plan” what’s the world coming too! Yay for the Etsy store

  • Daniele

    OMGoodness! The Haruni is soooooo beautiful! I have those exact pins, and I’m sure my Haruni will be blocked in the same way!! Can you believe how fast of a knit this is?? Although I still need to bind off though. Did you use two strands of yarn together to do the crochet bind-off like the pattern calls for?

    More gushing coming….. Can I just say that your spinning is so lovely! Almost everything you spin anymore I fall in love with.

    I’m going to go look at your shop now, and I’m sure that I will want to kill myself later…… just remember it’s your fault.

  • Barb

    The store looks wonderful! Good luck! Your Haruni is so pretty. Lovely yarn, too.

  • amelia

    Megan-that came out so so beautiful. I am impressed lady! And that yarn is to die for- those colors……. love the blog:-)

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