Is there such a thing as too much love?

There is a whole lot of love going on up in here!

(Yeah, I said up in here!)

I learned how to knit about 7 years ago, from a woman I love dearly, my friend Bria.  Her mother taught her the simple knit stitch.  She came down for Thanksgiving, I bought a book and some yarn and off we went!  I actually still have my first scarf, as I cannot bear to part with it!  (Don’t laugh – eyelash was the big thing at the time, so you’re lucky it wasn’t that!)   I only knit scarves back then, and I could do two things.  Knit and purl.

Knitting and I fell out of love for a few years, until my divorce.  It shouldn’t shock you that I have no idea why I picked it back up, either!  I do know that I picked up some kits from Morehouse Farms, and realized there were videos at my fingertips!  I can honestly say that other than the knitted cast on, the knit and purl stitch, and how to cast off, everything I learned, I learned from a video.  I’m self-taught, and to be honest, I like it that way.  I knit in a manner that is comfortable for me, and I have been forced to actually learn the stitch, not just the motions to create one.  Knowing that the internet brings thousands of resources to my fingertips is great! I have one other resource in my back pocket, and it’s perhaps the most precious one.  My friends.

Along with numerous websites for videos and instructions, the internet has also brought the most wonderful group of people into my life.  Through a few social websites, blogs, and the mother of all knitting sites Ravelry, the world is a much smaller place.  I have met people who inspire, help and encourage me.  I’ve truly been blessed with a group of friends that constantly remind me that I can knit anything that I want to knit, spin anything that I want to spin, and dye anything I want to dye.  I can’t imagine how boring my fiber play would be if it was not for them.

One knitter who had a true passion for the craft was Elizabeth Zimmerman.  Her works have become the holy grail for some, and have provided knitters with inspiration and courage over the years.  She would have been 100 years old this month.  She has left behind countless patterns and books, a wonderful publishing company called Schoolhouse press, as well as videos that were originally aired on PBS.

Years ago (and I can’t even find the book, I’m using Zonda’s), I purchased A Knitter’s Almanac, and was awestruck by what I found inside.  EZ didn’t write line by line patterns.  She didn’t even tell you what needle size to use!  She just told her story, the construction techniques, then told you to get yarn, figure out your gauge and then knit using a few simple steps.  It scared me.  Until I got this book in my hands, I had done nothing but patterns that told me what to do and when to do it line by line.  EZ doesn’t care what cast on you use, how you cast off, or what type of needles you use.  It isn’t important.

Your enjoyment is.

In honor of EZ, I’ve decided to knit the pattern I originally bought the book for.  The Mitered Mitten.  (And, no, I can’t believe I was scared of knitting this)

I’ve opted to use my own handspun for this project for a few reasons.  First,even before the yarn was done, Mini-Me claimed it for herself and said “Mittens!”.  Second, there are many people along the Eastern Seaboard that have been displaced or who are going to be displaced because of Hurricane Earl.  While there is little I can do to help these people, they should remember that no matter what, life always hands us a rainbow in the end.

This yarn was spun on my Ashford Travler, navajo plyed.  I get about 12 WPI, and the fiber credit goes to the Wild Hare on Etsy.  The color is Gratefully Dyed, and I absolutely loved spinning this up.  I ended up with two skeins, both spun in the same fashion, so mitten #2 will be knit from the second skein.  I doubt it will be a perfect match with regards to the striping, but EZ wouldn’t care.  😉


3 responses to “Is there such a thing as too much love?

  • opal

    i just can’t get over how beautiful your handspun is both in a cake and knitted up. just gorgeous! go you!

  • Zonda

    I too learned by myself, I agree with you on being comfortable how you knit. You know I love the mittens, lucky Mini-me!!

  • Daniele

    I can’t believe that is your homespun!! Girl! Bravo! Loving those mittens to death. Mini-me is a lucky girl.

    EZ’s books are great. I love the stories she tells too when they go off camping and fishing, etc. Sometimes I read them just for that and not even for the knitting. 😀 Oh – and I am so making a pair of those “nether garments” this year!!

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