Fiber Fluff Friday

What do you do when you need a break from knitting and you’ve no yarn to dye?

You spin!

(Well, technically, you should do dishes, laundry or cook some dinner, but this is my reality, so I do what I want.)

Here’s what I spun up this week.  It will be going up for sale in my Etsy shop very soon!

Remember those singles I posted earlier in the week?  Well, this is their matchy-matchy batt!

This was a lot of fun to spin, and it was fun to see all of the colors that came out!  Wool wise, we had green, brown and white – the other colors you see are from some silks and the firestar that was sprinkled in!  I love how they all just kinda poke out.  I think it gives the yarn a movement of its own.  This batt had a whole lot going on, so this yarn is a bit thinker in some places than others, which only adds to the fun.  This yarn is like the pretty girl in high school that was so drop dead gorgeous all the boys wanted her, yet she could care less because she’s in her own world doing her own thing.

Something In The Way She Moves

Av.12 WPI, 130 yards, targhee, silk, firestar – Fiber from Enchanted Knoll Farms, Sweetgrass Hills

Up next for my spinning pleasure is this batt from Caerthan.  I am completely in love with this fiber!!  I believe it is baby alpaca, and it’s like spinning a cloud.  There are very few nepps, and the colors blend so well.  He and I swapped fiber for yarn a few months ago, and I will definitely be heading to his Etsy store shortly to get more.

PS – This stuff is screaming to be thin.  Which is good.  Because I happen to be a big fan of skinny yarn.

Happy Friday ya’ll!  What’s on your bobbins??


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