Oh The Geekery!

I think some people have one thing that  they become a geek about.  They consume information on the topic with a voracious appetite.  They try to experience all that they can with regards to the subject.  They spend hours researching their geek topic on the internet, take classes about it and go to bed ready to dream about it.

For Opal and the Nana Pepperoni, it’s zentangle.  (Which I will not do, but maybe you should try it.  You might like it)

For blogless Atticus (who needs a blog, ahem, ’cause he’d be good at it), it’s anything techie that he can fit into his command center.

Turban is busy toiling away at her History geekery, what with Indian burial mounds in the neighborhood and all.

(We won’t talk about my geekery with the odd and random knowledge that Hellkite Minions are 32/27, and the overwhelming urge to meticulously plan how to spin wool.)

But the word geek itself has such a negative connotation, doesn’t it?  Perhaps it’s because a definition of geek is a carnival performer who does disgusting acts.  Perhaps it’s because what floats our boats doesn’t float the average person’s.  But does that make being a geek wrong?  Should you be embarrassed by your geekiness?  Should you feel bad that your friends may comment as to your geekiness?

Hell NO.

First off, people only wish they had the talents and the abilities that you do.  Second, they wish they had your passion!  Many people don’t have the desire to give themselves completely to something, or to lose themselves in a project.  It could be fear of failure, lack of understanding, or simply laziness.  But you, my sweet friends do, it’s a gift, and you should indulge yourself as often as you see fit!

And so, my faithful blog readers, I say to you today,  GO FORTH AND REVEL IN YOUR GEEKERY!

(If Nana Pepperoni is reading this, do you remember that one priest?  We are so bad!)

Enjoy your passions!  Pursue what makes you happy with wild abandon!  Be prolific!  Be fearless!

Speaking of fearless… I set about to knit some coffee cup coozies.  (Shut it, you’ll want one) I got a stitch count, found a nifty cable pattern, cast on and cast off. While I was knitting, I was thinking, oh this is kinda big.  But hey..  It will fit a venti. Try a wine bottle.

If this isn’t ridiculous geekery, I don’t know what is.  Notice the cable pattern?  I love wine and knitting.

Happy Wednesday!


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