Bat Guano Crazy

That’s what I think I am.  Here’s my current spinning project, and while I am in absolute love with the colors and how easy it is to spin, I think spinning it thin was a bat sh*t crazy move.  When I get all whiney about it, please remind me that this would have made a nice squishy worsted weight yarn.

I’ve got 8 oz of the stuff.  (Seriously)

(For all of you non-fiberfiles, I typically spin 4 ounces, which is the average amount of roving one purchases.  Unless you are silly like me.)

Thank goodness it’s AllSpunUp, which means amazing color and fabulous fiber, and it’s falkland, which I really like.

In other breaking news, there is a new addition to “La Costa Nostra”!!

Little Kayden entered into this world on Saturday, weighing in at 6 lbs 4 oz, and has been delighting the world ever since.  She is an amazing little lady, and of course, I love her already.

And yes, I’ve already knit her something.  She didn’t want to pose with the little hat on, so good thing I have a back up!

Yet another version of the Baby Rollin’ Beret!  This is such a quick knit and an easy pattern.  I cast on for it when momma went into the Hospital, shed a few tears of joy, and knit all of my love into it.  ‘Cause that’s what you do when you knit for bebehs!  I used some Silky Malabrigo in Cape Cod Grey, on size 4 needles, using instructions the largest size, as this pattern calls for worsted/aran weight yarn.

Ok, well that’s enough unrelated thoughts for one day.

Happy Tuesday!

And PS – remember it’s better to compliment someone, rather than to complete someone.


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