Yarny Bits and A Momentary Muse

Oh hush, I’ve been busy.

Doing what, I’m not so sure, but I do have some finished yarns to share!

The great Zondarino let me have a play date with her wheel so that I could use her jumbo flyer to ply singles into one big skein.  And big it is!  I can’t even wrap it up into a pretty little bundle!  (Mental note to self – one long skein is nice, but there are times when two will do.  Ahem)

Jewels of Denial

Approx, 615 yards, 15 WPI.  Spun worsted on my Ashford Traveler.

Fiber:  Falkland, 8 oz, AllSpunUp.  Nov/Dec 2009 SAL Color

You would think I would have gotten more than 615 yards.  Seriously, people.  The yarn is beautiful, but I really was hoping for  more yardage than I got.


One day.

I also dyed some yarn last night!  Say it isn’t so, I know!   See, what had happened was….   Oh never mind.  Either way, its here, it’s blank and it’s my canvas!

Here’s ‘Our Connection’, and it will be listed on Etsy later on this morning.

I’ll be cooking up some more rainbows for your enjoyment (and mine), as well as a few colors that remind me of certain people who are important to me in one way or another.  This color is based on someone who I’ve known for a few years, and recently I’ve noticed the nifty connection that exists between us.  I dyed this yarn with only three colors – lilac, red and black, each representing a part of myself and my friend.  I really worked hard at building the colors on this one because we have many layers about us, and its the sharing of those layers with each other makes my soul relax and my mind open to what is next.  I could go on about karma, complementary colors and red wine but I’ll spare you.

I am my own brand of interesting, and it takes a special person to understand how my brain works the way that it does.

Happy Wednesday!  Go buy yarn!

PS – There is an ongoing experiment in my brain in relation to people and what color I see them as.  Don’t ask me where it came from, or where it’s going.  I seem to remember something about chakras and watching another person’s self discovery..  And no, don’t even try and ask me how the two are related or how it applies to this situation.


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