Wins and Losses

So yesterday was interesting.

There is a time and a place for creativity, which, in my opinion is all the time, but when you can’t come up with ideas that are good ones, perhaps you should just put the dyes away, grab a beer and call it a day.  The yarn isn’t going anywhere Megan, you don’t have to dye it all in one day.  I woke up inspired, however, and just had to get right to work.  (Big mistake.  Those who know me well can tell you that mornings and I do not get along.  At all.)

Based upon the results of this skein, I truly feel like I am prepared for Mini-Me to come home with a non-sanctioned hair color choice.  Matter of fact, it reminds me of my first real boyfriend in high school.  He had blue hair and rode his skateboard everywhere.   My parents thought he was wonderful.


Though this may never make it to Etsy, I just had to give this a name.  It’s called “What Did You Do That For?”

I woke up with the idea of light pink and aqua to stripe with brown.  Well, someone forgot to remind me, whilst concocting, that when trying new things, it’s always good to ensure the following:

1.  There is such a thing as too early to try something new.  Obviously, 7:30am does not agree with me and dye.

2.  Less is more.  One can always add more later.

3.  Black can’t and won’t fix everything.

4.  It’s good that it takes things time to dry.  It gives you time to decide if you really want to sell as an item, or if you just want to make fun of hit here on your blog.

I will say that this made me happy, though!

This started off being done with my normal ‘Find Your Own Rainbow” formula, and I got a bit over zealous with the colors.  Rather than simply settle for ‘meh’, I made up a bunch of black dye and gave the whole skein a bath, and over dyed the heck out of it.  I am beyond pleased with the results.

While I’m waiting on yarn to dry or water to heat, I’m stealth knitting for someone.  With Cashmere.  Oh my.  I think I need to knit with cashmere more often.  I’m using Bugga from Sanguine Gryphon.  Not only is this line modeled mainly after butterflies, but it’s a wonderful merino/cashmere/nylon blend.   It’s not splitty, and it’s got a lot more sproing than I thought it would.  I’m still not sold on using this yarn for socks (though it is indeed sock yarn) so I’m designating it for shawls.  I’ve been using my pointy knit picks needles and have not had an issue with the tips getting into a fight with the yarn.  And oh is it soft…  It feels like buttah baby!

(This gift is going to be lucky to make it to its intended recipient.  It’s that fabulous!)

Hey!  Tomorrow’s Friday!  Make sure you pick up some adult beverages on your way home from work tomorrow.  You know you deserve one!



2 responses to “Wins and Losses

  • Patrific

    I like your colors and getting up early is good. I do it everyday. Adult beverages are in the fridge. I am a good boyscout. If boyscouts got up really early and drank adult beverages.

  • Daniele

    I like it! Is it self-stripey, or more of a pooley type? Such beautiful bright colors. The purpley one?? Dark Divineness…..

    Cashmere….. nice! A lucky recipient. 😀

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