Saturday is for Sharing.

Although I have a bunch of projects that need to be completed,  I’ve decided to start knitting the Fireside sweater for myself.  I’ve been looking at the pattern for almost 3 years, and I am still in love with it, so that’s got to be a sign that I should, right?

Then the yarn went on sale, and I decided it was time to commit.  I even swatched!

This isn’t a small sweater.  It’s got a metric crap ton of stuff going on and so after consult with Zonda and a bit of whining, I went a head and followed the multi-swatch directions.  I really don’t feel like putting all that effort into something that won’t fit.   I’ve done that enough times to know that it’s a rather disappointing moment that makes you question your sanity and reasoning ability.  (How did I convince myself that was going to work?  An inch too small is an inch too small 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Just so you know.)

Yesterday I shared my lovely experience in the cold.  Just to prove that I have been knitting and that I really do have clothes for cold weather, here are some treats.

Knotty Gloves for a Knotty Girl – DIC Smooshy, Punky Fuschia.  (Yes, I’ve got one thumb to go.  It’s been that way since October.  It will keep)

Crooked Paths for the same Knotty Girl.  Same color and dyer as the gloves, on US 8s.  Although I like the end result, I would have used a denser yarn if I could do it all over again.  I think DIC Classy is one of my favorite yarns, but it’s almost too squish for this.  (Heresy, I know)

My final bit of woolen fun for you today are these socks.

First, let me just say thank you to Zonda.  Not only does she encourage swatching, but she gives out Bugga (merino cashmere blend) when it’s your birthday.  I loved this color so much that I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning picking a pattern that would show off the yarn.  I settled on empoisonnee by yarnissima.  I had always wanted to try one of her patterns, and I love this one, so off I went, and here’s where we are today.

I have determined that with socks, if I can just dedicate a large block of time to knitting them, I don’t get Second Sock Syndrome, they don’t languish, and I actually enjoy knitting on them.  This pattern is not a hard one, but I will admit that the patterned short row toe was not fun.  I will also say that the cuff of this is a painful thing.  52 rows of 1×1 twisted rib on US 0’s.  Mind numbing, wrist hurting, sado masochistic ribbing.  I am not looking forward to that part of the second sock.


I will admit that I love the cuffs though.  They are absolutely worth the effort.  Even the sheep thinks so, though he’s pissed that wool in this particular yarn had an affair with cashmere.  Apparently carpet sheep is a monogamous kinda sheep.   Who knew?


4 responses to “Saturday is for Sharing.

  • Cookie

    You’ve been so busy! It’s all lovely, but I LOVE those gloves!

  • Zonda

    Only you could have a PO’d sheep LOL!!! Remind me of the swatching when I whine back to you when I don’t wanna do it!

  • Barb

    You got some lovelies going on there! I love the socks and gloves. Keep warm!

  • Daniele

    Dang – I’ll have to come back later. Some of your pictures aren’t loading for me. Loving those Knotty Gloves! I did see those and the hat you made to go with them at Ravelry – favored this morning!!

    Then… all of the sudden, your page was snowing… little white dots falling down the page. Am I having an ocular issue, or it’s supposed to do that right?? Cute!! You are awesome at this computer stuff.

    Plus – socks and Fireside too!?? Girl! I’m just trying to finish this stoopid shawl so I can get on with my life!! LOL You, on the other hand, rock the needles hard!

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