This Is Not An Illusion

First, I’m determined to have a better day.  Yesterday I let ‘the sad’ get the better of me, and that was not a smart move.  Allowing that to happen is like going backwards in life, and well, I need to go forward, even if it’s at a strange angle.

Second, the fact that I am closing in on the bust shaping of the first part of fireside is no illusion.  This knits up pretty quick.  (Mental note to self – you say that now because this is one out of four pieces you have to knit.  Refer back to this post when you are ready to kick the project to the curb.)

The cables look a bit wonkey right now, but that’s ok.  They just need a nice warm bath and all will be well.  Valley Yarns Berkshire is a nice yarn to knit with, particularly because it’s honest.  It’s not the sort of yarn that’s going to get all drapey and stretchy on you, it’s not going to double in size once you soak it – it just is what it is.  A bath relaxes all the stitches that have a bit of anxiety and it gives the yarn a nice fuzzy haze.  (Actually, the haze comes from the alpaca in the yarn, but I’m trying to avoid that discussion with Carpet Sheep.)

Here’s a nice nerdy yarn picture for you.  See the hairy?  It only gets better.

The only thing that sort of concerns me with this pattern is that there is no schematic.  (Say schematic out loud for me.  I love saying schematic.  It makes me feel all technical and stuff.)  Normally with a seamed sweater you have this nifty little schematic (there it is again!) of the finished product which details out how wide and how long (or short) each section should be.  It’s particularly helpful to have one of those because who cares if you knit it to the right length – if it’s too wide, you’re going to look like you are wearing a tent.

In this case, the right side looks much wider than it really ought to be.  I searched around on Ravelry and determined that nearly half of the right side of the sweater sits under the left side once buttoned.  Sort of begs the question as to why the section is so wide, doesn’t it?  I’m assuming that it will lay better once buttoned, but who knows.  All I do know is that a schematic (yay!) would make me feel better.

Ok.  That’s enough sweater talk for now.  I’ve decided that today I will finish the thumb of my gloves so that I can actually wear them.  After all, that’s sort of the point, right?



2 responses to “This Is Not An Illusion

  • Zonda

    Hehe..schematic..there I said it 😉

    It’s looking awesome!! I luff it!

  • Daniele

    I hope you end up with the right size – after all – you did the swatching and everything! There should be some sort of pay-back for that.

    As for the yarn and pattern – I’m drooling over the stitch definition and gorgeousness of those cables. They are really popping in that blue.

    One thumb – coming up?? 😀

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