Lil’ Miss Sunshine Goes Grey

It should be relatively obvious at this point that I love color.  I love what you can do with color.  I love what color says and represents.  Lately, I have been obsessed with how the perfect shade of pink can make anyone’s cheeks blush without embarrassment.

And yet I’m knitting with grey.  (And I bought grey tights yesterday, but that’s a different story all together, and I’m not even sure if I can bring myself to wear a skirt in this weather.  Though I love my skirts, so I might just have to gut it out.)

I don’t do much knitting with bulky weight, so when I got this Andean Alpaca Regal in the mail as part of a grab bag I was a bit confused as to what to do with it.  (80% of my stash is fingering weight and below.  I sometimes forget bulky isn’t bad)   It’s also grey.  Not just sorta grey, but dull, lifeless boring grey.  additionally, the stuff is 90% alpaca.  So there I was, with fat yarn, in a boring color, made of super warm stuff.  It’s been lingering in a baggie for months, until I found the Burberry Inspired Cowl.

Yes, those are straight needles, and yes, I have to kitchener 58 stitches.  Don’t you judge me.

Obsessed with cables?

Who?  Me????


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