I need more winter accessories.  Naow. I’ve got a ton of shawls at the ready, which turn into fabulous scarf/wrap things that look sumptuous when just piled around your neck.  One that has shocked me is the Pink Lemonade shawl I knit over the summer.  I prefer to wear triangular shawls as a scarf because the shape of them makes it easy, but Pink Lemonade has no triangle for me to futz with, so I’ve shied away from wearing it – even considered gifting it away as I was not in love with how it looked.

Good thing I kept it – I wear it all of the time!    I knit it using madelinetosh merino light, and after knitting it, I liked it (minus the yarn vomit I had to wade through to wind the stuff – rumor has it that issue has been resovled).  After wearing it, I loved it, and the price is right!  The yarn itself is some where fingering, so but I could easily see it being used in place of lace weight to beef up a shawl for added warmth.  I will admit that I am afraid to drink my coffee with this on.  I’m a klutz and spill stuff all of the time, so I’m just waiting for the day…. So now that my neck is warm, my head is lacking.  Not that I feel the need to knit hats to match shawls (because that would need to happen in order for me to wear them), but I just need hats!  And I love hats!  I really love felted wool hats (as you can see), however they aren’t always what I am looking for.  So I’m just going to start knitting various hats.  If they fit, that’s great, if they don’t, I’ll find them an owner.

For today’s selection we have the Double Diamond Argyle Hat by Cheryl Burke.

Don’t ask me about socks, or a cowl, or a sweater.  This hat is our current focus, and that’s that.  Got it?

I snagged a book from a good friend and fabulous knitter Lori a while ago called Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified.  I have been wanting to try colorwork for the longest time, and while I’ve given it a go, I’ve never quite gotten it down, I am not afraid to keep trying.  This book is pretty neat because they show you how to twist the yarn you aren’t using with the one in use so that there are absolutely NO floats.  I can’t wait to try this technique on some gloves!

There is only one problem here.  You need to knit english and continental at the same time.  Which is pretty simple – unless you knit tighter one way and looser the other.

Le sigh…

Up next is Thorpe!


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  • Rae

    I love your hat in the first picture it looks great on you. I can’t wait to see the one your making now when your finished. It seems like everyone is doing colorwork I really need to learn that technique.

  • Denise

    That shawl/scarf is very pretty. I would be afraid of spilling on it too.

    Your hat looks really nice.

  • loribird

    Looking good, lady! That hat is super cute on you 😉

    And the hat you’re knitting is great too – nice color combination, and the stranding looks even… keep it up!

  • loribird

    Hey, I just noticed that Nanette is doing a series on stranded knitting floats over on her blog, “Knitting in Color.” She might have some useful information for you…


  • Daniele

    You look so cute!!! Love that lil shawl and the hat is great too. 😀

    As for the fair isle, I went to a class just so’s I could see how they do the two-hand carrying. It seems the best way for me to do it is to throw with my right like usual (although I’m not really throwing….), and then pick with my left. They showed me an easy way that I would never have thought of. So the fair isle is good!! Plus, I’m still loving that cardigan you were thinking of……….

    Bring on those hats!

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