Nerdy Hat Talk

So here is the Double Diamond Argyle Hat.  It doesn’t fit anyone in this house, so I’ll be busy trying to find it an owner.  It’s will fit a head about 22 inches big.  Which is indeed a pretty big head.  At any rate, here’s a close up that makes my inner yarn nerd self all tingly and stuff.

You can’t tell in this picture, but I used two different techniques to do the color work on this one.  Typical floats, where you carry the yarn you aren’t using along, and another that twists the two together every other stitch.  The second way is nice because it’s easy to learn and doesn’t leave you with floats that can snag on stuff (like fingernails, rings, barettes, etc).  It did, however leave me with some not-so-lovely lumps.

Can you see the difference?  The bottom half of this picture is the method with floats – the top hat is with the twisted one.  Yuck!  I thought the lumpy stuff might block out once it had a soak, but certainly not enough.  I’m going back to regular floats.  I will still use both hands to knit (continental and English) but I won’t be staring at twisty and lumpy.  I can see myself, however figuring out a way to incorporate the twisty technique with the usual.  It really made carrying the yarn along much easier.  If I figure it out, I’ll gladly share!

Still, look at the backside.  Can you see why this would be great for mittens and things for small kids?

What’s up next?

Funny you should ask.  This chunky alpaca landed in my hands the other day and I couldn’t pass it up.  Good thing I happen to have a friend who wants a hat with earflaps.  I’m thinking Thorpe with a snowflake design mixed in for good measure.  Thorpe does come with its own two color version, but it’s for a 19 inch head, which would fit me.  Not the friend who wants a hat with earflaps.  So I’ll just find something super that works over 72 stitches and call it a day.

I think I need a t-shirt that says “Fair Isle Is Fun!”

(It’s either that or more valium.  You pick.  I like suprizes.)


5 responses to “Nerdy Hat Talk

  • Denise

    The hat looks very nice. 22 inches is indeed a pretty big head.

    I twist my floats and have not had problem. Maybe twisting looser would help?

  • Zonda

    Love the hat! Interesting about the floats too! head is 22″ are you sayin’ it’s big??? It just means I got more brains…or air space…or ??? 😛

  • Rae

    The hat came out great sorry it doesn’t fit anyone in the house. I hope you find a recipient for it soon.

  • loribird

    Hey lady, nice hat! Stranded-knitting really is addictive, isn’t it?? Looking forward to what you do next…

  • Daniele

    and I think my head is bigger than 22″…… I gots a big head. 😀

    Loving that red and grey together. I bet you could get better at the twists, but the floating is fine too, I think. I only twist when I have more than 5 of one color in a row. 5 seems to be the ultimate number of stitches you want to have floating…. but I’m sure it varies. I am really really really starting to think of that Ivy League Vest that I already have the colors picked out for. Maybe we should start with that?? Fingering fair isle fun!

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