One Hundred Miles Per Hour

Somewhere in my brain is the desire for each and every blog post to be a deep and meaningful one-sided conversation in which I opine, and you come along for the ride.

Unfortunately, that’s not always going to happen, nor do I believe that I currently have the mental fortitude to pour my soul out on a regularly scheduled basis.  That’s what late night conversations after a couple of bottles of wine are for, and unfortunately (or fortunately) you all are not lucky enough to have those drunken discussions with me.  It is your luck that you get the watered down hobby blog that’s being transformed into a strange mix of romanticism, cynicism and any other lovely undertones I can come up with.

Two things have happened as of late to have brought about a bit of mental awareness on my part.  First, the come to Jesus I had with my brain in regards to its activity.  It goes one hundred miles an hour at most times during the day, unless I am knitting or spinning.  While this can often be an enjoyable thing, it does have its drawbacks – I’ll get to that in a minute.  Second, I read a somewhat innocuous blog post about blogging and how to get yourself and your blog organized.  It occurred to me after a few minutes of thought that I am mentally so unorganized, its amazing I can even manage to tie paragraphs together.

See I figure that part of my problem with the brain that never stops is that it’s about impossible to remain organized when good things start to happen.  I can have a four-hour conversation about something, have all of these light bulbs go off in my head and feel like I’m about to be visited by an angel who shall carry my voice to your ear because I’m going to go home and blog about it.  I drive home…  I’ve got great music playing…  My brain is full of carefully constructed sentences that have been meticulously crafted into the most perfect blog post ever!

And as soon as my fingers hit the keyboard, it’s gone.  It’s not just jumbled up like a puzzle that you had to move from one table to another.  It’s just gone.

That’s what happens when everything goes so fast.  I can’t hold on to anything.  Brilliance comes and it goes.  More often than not, it stays gone.  I’ve got to figure out a way to make my musings stick.  Maybe I need to carry a notebook around and just write down the fleeting thoughts so that I can recall them later.  I could start another collection of post it notes in a shoe box, but that’s a bit exhausting and takes up too much space.   Plus, I can’t write while I’m driving.

Regardless of how I go about it, I think the hardest thing is going to be presenting something to the blogosphere that is a cohesive collection.  I’m not sure how to tie all of my thoughts together, let alone create a corner of the universe that you want to come back to every time I decide to post.


I have been knitting like a good little creature.  I even have a finished something or other.  Here’s today’s bit of genius.  The Burberry Inspired Cowl.

Poor mini me.  She wasn’t amused.

poor girl

I knit this using Reynold’s Andean Alpaca Regal, which is a yarn I doubt that I would use again.  It’s not bad yarn, but it’s got some production issues going on (like obvious ends to plies that stick out) and quite frankly I’m not a lover of fat yarn.  All complaining aside, this thing is bulky, its drapey and it’s all kinds of warm.  Perfect for days like today when the temperature has fallen to obscenely low numbers.

The one good thing I can say about this yarn is the stitch definition is great and it has those little hairy pieces that I adore.



I do think it’s going to get a lot of use.  While I like the coziness of a turtleneck, I can’t stand to wear them.  I have cowl neck sweaters but they don’t fit so good under jackets.  A slouchy warm cowl is the perfect alternative.

Plus, you can sorta hide in it and talk to yourself quietly and no one will notice.  Trust me, I came up with half of this post in the camera shop today.

(Mental note to self.  If you say it out loud, Megan, you tend to remember it.)



3 responses to “One Hundred Miles Per Hour

  • Daniele

    I always remember stuff when I say it out loud. Good call there, Girl. Plus I vote for the notebook. I don’t want to miss out on the greatness. Mini-Me is the cutest with that frosty hair!

  • Zonda

    Yes, a notebook 😉 Still can’t get over you knitting with fatty yarn! LOL!

  • Barb

    Lovely cowl, very cozy. Mini-me appears to be talking into the cowl…or is it my imagination? Amazing thing, the mind. It dictates much faster then one can keyboard.

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