Happy Cakes

So here’s the tricky part of all of this.

Today’s a non-deep thought day.   Perhaps just a half-deep day.  And how does it match up against my last two posts?  I feel like I drew you in to my dark corner we all smoked cigarettes and drank cheap red wine, only now I’m about to throw on the lights, put on my Donna Reed pearls, shiny patent leather pumps, an apron and play mommy for you.

Which really is a stretch considering most days I don’t think I can even get my own kid’s vote for Mother of The Year.

Saturday I couldn’t take it anymore and bought a hoop to use in place of the diamond stud in my nose.  It’s so dry up here, I’m constantly congested and my stud was driving me nuts.  I constantly had to adjust it, which wouldn’t be too bad if it didn’t require me to insert the tip of a finger into my nostril.  Which would be fine, if it didn’t look like I was picking my nose, or wiping of the remnants of a line.  (I don’t do any sort of coke, but on a bad day, it sure did look like I did.)

I bring the thing home, put it in and Mini-Me tells me that I need to start looking like a mom.  I also bought blue hair dye for her that day and when I suggested that I might like some in my hair she just sighed and said “First you get all pirate and stuff, now you want blue hair.  What’s next?!?”

Pardon me child, I was unaware that there was a certain age at which people needed to start ‘looking’ like moms.  I thought I was just doing what I wanted to do, which is what I thought I was supposed to do!

In retaliation for not looking like a mom, I decided to bake some treats.



These little tasty treats are Cashew Meringues with Black Cherry Jam.  I subscribe to a blog type thing called the Kitchn which updates about 5 times a day with nifty culinary stuff – gadgets, cookbooks, recipes and the like.  This is the first time I’ve ever tried something that they listed, but I’m pretty happy that I did.  The meringues themselves are very sweet – no flour is involved, just powdered sugar and cashews run through the food processor.  As soon as I tasted one, I knew why the author went with black cherries.  Their tartness is perfect alongside the sweet.  The only thing I will warn you about is that they are crunchy – take this into consideration when you add copious amounts of filling unless you want to wear it.  Nana Pepperoni and I tried it with Nutella instead of preserves and the results were was naughty good.  I’m in love and will be making this one again.

The mini doesn’t like them.  Oh… Gee…. Darn….  Did mommy make a treat that you didn’t like sweetie???  Poor thing..  Maybe you should stop making fun of mommy.



I lurk in cemeteries too looking for neat stuff.  Totally not a mom worthy activity, but there’s only so much stuff to take pictures of in the yard this time of year.  Please don’t tell my kid.  I can’t disappoint her anymore this week.  😉



2 responses to “Happy Cakes

  • Zonda

    *snicker* sorry, I can just imagine her telling you that too!! When will they understand we don’t ever want to look like Mom’s! (or at least try not to 😉


  • Daniele

    Love that photo in the cemetary. Did you make it go all antique, or is the yellowness from the sun or something? Awesome shot.

    And… please tell me you did put the blue in your hair. 😀

    Kiss that Mini Me for me! 😀

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