A Top 10 on Monday!

And so yet again, we’ll be getting snow this week.  Tuesday and Wednesday for a change instead of only on Wednesday!  I’m so excited I can barely contain myself!

So without further delay, here are…..

The Top 10 Reasons Megan Can Barely Contain Herself:

1.  More snow means more shoveling!  Why pay for a gym membership when you can shovel.  If you’re lucky you can break ice, too!  (Oh wait, I don’t go to a gym.)

2.  No school for Mini-Me on Wednesday!  (Which is great, because then I get to hear her complain about being bored all day!  Apparently the novelty has worn off.)

3.  Some where out there is a deserted tropical island I can go visit.  (Maybe before I die, cough cough.)

4.  Snow is pretty.  (Until the sanders come out and turn it brown, or it’s too damned cold to go out and enjoy it.)

5.  All this snow will melt and replenish the rivers and streams!!   (Well, unless it melts all at once and we have a flood.  Which would just be insanely GREAT!)

6.  More snow means better skiing/snowboarding!  (Which most New Englanders cannot afford to do.  Super bonus!)

7.  More snow means less traffic.  (Oh, wait.  I can’t get out either.  Nevermind….)

8.  More pictures!!  (Ok, so I got all dressed up for the first snow storm and trudged around in the snow.  I need some serious incentive to do it again…)

9.  It’s great to cuddle up to someone special when it snows.  (The kiddo does not qualify as this sort of special, and well, I’m in a definite dry spell.)

10.  It will be a great day to make a hot toddy or two.  (NO complaints here.  Tipsy shoveling is always more fun than sober shoveling.)

So that’s that kids.  My top 10.  Most people do these on Tuesday, I know.  But since when am I most people?

Besides.  It’s my blog, I’ll do what I want.

Like show you this pretty mitten I am knitting.

Holly Jean Mittens

US 2 needles, Paton’s Classic Wool in Lemongrass, Mercury, and Natural Mix

I know, I know.  More colorwork.  But hey, if I can’t dye my own yarn, I might as well figure out a different way to play with color, right?



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