The Truth Is Out There

I had an opportunity to go out and about with blogless Atticus today and take some pictures.

(Which now gives him NO reason NOT to have a blog.  Sometimes you don’t need to write, you just need to see.)

Something I was thinking about while we were out that was brought full circle later that night is the difference between what is seen and what is not.  How we try to find the most perfect of things only to become caught up by the small the way.  I think that too often we focus on what is in the way and forget about what our goal was.  Maybe its was a little pot screaming to be photographed, yet you lack a good vantage point.  Maybe its more than trying to take a simple picture…  Maybe it’s about what’s right in front of you for the taking.

We all look at things in different ways, and rightly so, we all want to see things in different ways.  We’re all striving to find that ‘deeper meaning’ to whatever is out there and it’s relevancy to us as individuals.  If we all saw things the same way, there would be no deeper meaning, and we would all plod along through life like the ashen spirits some would like us to be.  At times, all I think we are missing is a different perspective.  It’s not always something you can see while staring straight ahead.  We often have to do a complete 360 degree rotation before we can really grasp what’s going on.

It’s important to question things – moreover, to question yourself.  If we aren’t asking, we aren’t learning.. We aren’t moving forward.

I find myself always looking for the alternate viewpoint.  When I fail to do so, I find myself moving on.  Perhaps too fast.  Maybe I missed something.  Something I could have seen if I had just taken the time.  Or walked two steps to the left.




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