Mmm Mmm Good.

This morning, I decided it was pot roast day.

While many of people will be slaving away over some ridiculously complicated, heavily sauced pasta or steak for their loved ones, I’ll be keeping it simple with something that I love.  All day every day.  There’s no hate when it comes to pot roast.  No whining, no expectations, no demands, just simple tasty love.

I can remember the first roast that I ever made.  I was young, living in Hawaii and had the biggest urge for roast and gravy.  I called my mother and begged for some schooling.  I even called my grandmother for her take on the whole situation.  Both lead me down the same path.  Saute onions garlic and celery in a pan, sear the meat, put it in the oven.  Simple, right?  I add salt, pepper, garlic and thyme, but it’s not hard.  And between the searing and the oven your roast gets a beautiful crispy crust that is the perfect mate for some mashed potatoes.   When it comes to gravy,  cold water and flour…  That’s it.  So good, so tasty.

Since then, I’ve decided that a crock pot makes me just as happy.  It’s easy.  It’s for those of us that are lazy, and when you remember to add in your carrots, onions and potatoes it’s a crock o’ heaven.  I’m a fucking genius, I know.

Can you believe I just took the time to write a post about pot roast?


Here.  Have a cookie.  It’s my blog and I’m doing what I want.

Knitting content tomorrow kids.  I promise.


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