My Constants

Life is forever changing the landscape in which we live.  There will for ever be additions and subtractions, ups and downs, smiles and tears.  I consider myself very fortunate to have some very important ‘constants’ in my life, that I know are always by my side.

For the last 17 years, I have lived hundreds, if not thousands of miles away from my immediate family.  Surrounded by people who were separated from their family as well, friendships turned into family.  People who I would have never known had I not taken the path that I did.  People who I grew to love, and who grew to love me and my daughter in return.  We have laughed together, raised our children together, watch our loved ones go off to war together and held each other’s hands when it was time to cry together.  My life is a much richer life because I have such wonderful people in it.

Hanami Stole

Knit on US5s using Buffalo Gold Lux in Hucklleberry

For the last month, I have been quietly knitting a wedding stole for my friend Wendy.   It has been an honor to knit this for her. There is something so special about knitting for a friend, and I think this is the most special knit I have done thus far.  Every stitch is full of love, friendship and memories.  I am so thankful that she asked me to knit something for her special day.

Wendy and her husband Dave are people whom I owe a huge amount of gratitude.  In October, when I made the difficult decision to move back to New Hampshire, Wendy and Dave (and countless others) held my hand, dried my tears and packed up nearly 12 years of my life in under 45 days.  They fed my daughter and I, put a roof over our heads, and graciously moved all of our belongings down three horrid flights of stairs.  Words cannot express how incredibly thankful I am for their generosity, and moreover, for their constant support and love.

On April 16th, I watched them become Mr. and Mrs. David Clark while surrounded by their family and friends in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

Their union brought the family of friends back together from all over the country, and we enjoyed ourselves in a rather large (and exhausting way).

I miss my family, however I am so very grateful for the memories of the past and the memories we will all make in the future.

And to those members of the family who could not be there with us, you were, as always carried in my heart.



5 responses to “My Constants

  • Zonda

    Wendy looked so beautiful, especially modeling her stole! You did a wonderful job…sniff…great post too!

  • Daniele

    I’m not used to sniffles so early in the a.m. Wonderful post, dearie, and wonderful friends! I must add that the photo of Wendy with her gift is awesomeness. 😀 Great job!

  • opal

    ditto what daniele said. i’m all teary-eyed. what a beautiful post. much love. 🙂

  • Wendy

    Megan is truly an amazing women and I am so blessed to have her in my life! She gave me such a beautiful stole that she worked so hard on and I loved it! She is a true blessing!

  • Jessica

    Beautiful. And beautiful pictures too.

    People who willingly help you move are definitely people to hold close!

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